PAST / { Form to Feast } Hanami Bento & Outdoor Picnic

PAST / { Form to Feast } Hanami Bento & Outdoor Picnic


A Hanami Bento workshop and communal outdoor picnic feast hosted & prepared by eikcam ceramics

April 6 Sat : 2.5 to 3 hours making session // CANCELLED


April 14th Sunday is our communal picnic feast under Vancouver cherry blossoms // CANCELLED

Form to Feast is a hand-building workshop that combines a wabi-sabi clay practice with a celebratory communal meal that will be homemade with locally sourced ingredients. 

In the first 2.5 to 3 hour making session, we will go over design, preparation of the clay, and then spend some time forming your bento box and 3 small dish/plates with slabs built on the slab roller. You will have options to texture or shape your pieces with pre-made templates or with wooden stamps and tools.

At the end of the session, we will determine how you’d like to glaze your Bento box and small dishes with a simple design in a wide array of glaze options.

On Sunday, April 14th we will celebrate Hanami - outdoor picnic under cherry blossoms - in your own Bento box creation. We will prepare a traditional Japanese cold bento lunch in your glazed vessel and serve them to you at a local Vancouver outdoor space ( to be determined ) with the best display of cherry blossoms in the city.

Please bring your picnic blankets and your own beverages and be prepared for the possibility of rain. We will keep our fingers crossed for clear skies!!

Please let us know of any food allergies you have. We are offering a vegetarian based Japanese bento with a vegan, fish or meat protein option. 

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Eikcam Ceramics is a home decor collection, designed and handmade by Vancouver artist/designer, Grace Lee. Most of Grace's work lends a sense of naturalness and whimsy, which serve as functional pieces for the table or home.

The artist's approach to design remains a kind of layered simplicity. She often combines different textures with hues and colours to complement the form, shape, and functionality of the piece.