We are the working studio of eikcam ceramics, and a space that offers creative and collaborative experiences such as a shared working space and workshops. At OH Studio, you'll find an environment that values hands-on workshops, and open dialogue on the creative journey.


Object Handmade (OH) launched in 2012 as a highly curated show of artists and makers. Feeling a gap in the local art scene, Grace was inspired to create a community centered around quality handmade objects. Grace returned in 2017 with a successful second show, and walked away inspired to continue growing this supportive and inclusive creative community.

Grace has been creating Eikcam Ceramics out of the Mergatroid building since 2007, and after hustling for 10 years in a small studio, 2018 brought her into a larger dream space upstairs. More space meant more possibilities—in her own craft, and in the community at large. This led to the evolution of Object Handmade from a curated show, into OH Studio as a space for clay, creativity, and community.